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Euro Parts Extended Warranty

Euro-Parts Canada is now offering an extended warranty to all qualified customers. The extended warranty is available for all appliance brands.

What is the extended warranty?

The extended warranty is an extended 4 Year warranty ontop of the additional existing warranty.

Example 1: An AEG appliance has an existing 2-year manufacturers warranty, with the extended warranty the AEG appliance would then have a full 6-year warranty.

Example 2: A Liebherr Refrigerator has an existing 2-year FULL manufactureres warranty, up to 5 and 12 years partial warranty. The extended warranty would give a Liebherr a FULL 6 Year Warranty and up to 12-year partial warranty.

The Extended warranty offered through Euro-Parts Canada is not restricted to the brands AEG, Liebherr, Porter & Charles and Smeg. The Service plan can be purchased for any qualified appliance.

Qualifications for warranty

For any appliance to qualify for an extended warranty the appliance must have been purchased and is residing in Canada. Extended warranty must be purchased within the first 12 months from the warranty start date.

What does the plan cover?

The extended warranty covers everything your existing manufacturers warranty as well as some additional features*

*For full details on plan coverage please read full terms and conditions on the warranty brochure. You can download the brochure below.

How can you receive a quote on your appliances?

To receive a quote on an extended warranty you email us at service@euro-parts.ca with indicating you would like a quote for an extended warranty.

The following information will be requested prior to giving a quote on an extended warranty:

  • Appliance Model and Serial numbers (Not required for quote))
  • Original Invoice to determine eligibility and pricing (Required for quote)

Downloads and Forms

Extended Warranty Brochure