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Jul 28, 2019 | SMEG, SMEG Large Domestic Appliances

A built-in wine cooler dedicated to wine lovers, people who truly appreciate wine. The new Smeg CVI38X is an excellent piece of technology for connoisseurs of wine. It boasts a sophisticated temperature and humidity control system, for optimal conservation of the most precious wines as well as everyday wines. With a maximum capacity of 38 bottles (0.75 litres) and 3 extractable smart wooden shelves the new Smeg built-in wine cooler is both elegant and exclusive.

Two separate zones with variable temperatures ranging from +5°C to +20°C can be programmed independently from each other to create the ideal atmospheres for storing red and white wines and champagne. Both zones are illuminated using special LEDs that provide light in order to display the bottles without overheating the contents.

The humidity level inside the CVIU38X is maintained at a rate of between 50 and 80% in order to prevent the wine from oxidising. The favorable conditions also help to prevent the corks from drying out, therefore avoiding the risk of the cork popping by itself or from breaking and crumbling into the wine.

The digital display, modern and easy to use, is visible even when the door is closed so that the specifications set can be checked with a simple glance.

The internal ventilation and silver ion filter eliminate any bad odours that may generate, and the glass door offers protection against harmful UV rays which damage the quality of the wine. Furthermore an alarm will sound as an alert should the door be accidentally left open.

The aesthetic finish of the CVI3U8X is sophisticated and refined, distinguished by the stainless steel handle with Classic design finish, the new wine cooler can be perfectly coordinated with other Smeg kitchen appliances.