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High Tech Refrigerator-freezers – FQ55FXE French Door Model

Apr 7, 2019 | SMEG, SMEG Large Domestic Appliances

Innovation & Flexibility

French door, Italian style: Smeg presents its new FQ55FXE maxi refrigerator-freezer with two doors and two drawers, combining large capacity, cutting-edge design and styling with sharp, clean lines.

The refrigerator-freezer makes the most of its large internal space with an extremely rational layout. In particular, the freezer section is organised into convenient drawers of a full 154 litres capacity each, allowing frozen foods to be kept tidy and then removed more easily.

Innovative and personalised food preservation solutions make this model extremely functional. The Active Fresh Blue Light lighting system allows the vitamin content of fruit and vegetables to be preserved for a longer time.The Life-Plus drawers, on the other hand, have a controlled temperature of 0°C for better preservation of the most perishable food such as meat or fish. A special Anti-odour filter purifies the air inside the fridge, neutralising bacteria and unpleasant smells.

The French Door model is Energy Class A+, consuming 10% less than Class A devices, and is completely No-Frost: an advanced aeration system controls humidity both in the fridge and freezer compartments, avoiding the build-up of frost.

To meet practicality requirements, the refrigerator-freezer temperature and other functions can be adjusted via the external Touch Control LCD, and the doors are in finger-friendly stainless-steel.

Innovation and flexibility are the distinctive features of the new Smeg High Tech line of refrigerator-freezers, where large storage capacity, high performance and low power consumption are combined with an attractive, stylish design.

Innovative technologies to keep food more intelligently


This exclusive lighting system extends the shelf life of fruits and vegetables, preserving their vitamin content for longer.

Odour filter

Neutralises bacteria and unpleasant smells by filtering the cold air circulating inside the refrigerator so that food is kept healthy and fresh.


Energy savings of up to 10% compared to Class A, reducing power consumption by maintaining maximum efficiency.


Temperature controlled to 0°C to keep perishable food fresh for longer.


The aeration system keeps humidity under control, preventing frost from forming.