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The Art of Blending: The SMEG Blender

Mar 1, 2018 | SMEG, SMEG Small Domestic Appliances

Whether you have been struck by the desire for healthier living, or you just want to treat yourself to a home-made frozen cocktail on a summer’s day, Smeg design has a new and essential tool for you: the 50s Style blender. Consuming fruit and other healthy foods in the form of smoothies, milkshakes and water ices, with their infinite variety of possible flavour combinations, becomes a good daily habit and, at the same time, satisfies your aesthetic desire to be surrounded by beautiful objects.

For blending as an art form, those who choose the Smeg BLF01 will have at their disposal a tool which performs each phase of the process perfectly: for instance, it is possible to insert ingredients even when the blender is running, through the measuring cup in the lid. The Smooth Start motor function sets the dual stainless-steel blades running at reduced speed, improving mixing. You can also have fun changing the consistency or creaminess of your drink by playing with the preset Ice Crush and Smoothie programmes, or with the 4 different speed settings. If your creative flair should suggest you introduce a particularly thick ingredient, a vegetable, spices or frozen fruit, the Pulse function allows you to accelerate to maximum power and speed even just for a second at a time. You can keep tabs on how your ingredients are coming together at all times, since the Tritan ® BPA-free jug, as well as being light and shatterproof, is completely transparent. Once your drink has been blended to perfection, all that remains is for you to pour it out without wasting a drop, thanks to the convenient non-drip spout, and enjoy your nutritious breakfast, alternative meal or snack, irresistible even to children and prepared in just moments and in total safety: the die-cast aluminium body makes the blender robust, solid and stable during operation. The blades are removable, allowing you to wash the heatproof jug in the dishwasher for an easy, perfect clean every time.

With its attractive lines, it is not only your creations which will surprise people with their good taste, and the rounded forms of the BLF01 make this technology extremely accessible. Like with any food, colour is suggestive of taste and so Smeg offers this blender in a range of colours with red, cream, pastel blue, black and silver versions, which seem to suggest possible ingredients: red berries, the metallic reflections of ice cubes, pale creamy milk. This small appliance’s retro look is extremely suggestive, and even more so when set off in contrast against personal stylistic interpretations of the kitchen environment.